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Dali, Duchamp & The Lobster

The Royal Academy of Arts opens a new exhibition, 'Dali Duchamp' on October 7th 2017. The exhibition is a visual treat and celebrates the friendship of the two artists and their shared humour and ideas. I highly recommend a visit to this uplifting and fun exhibition.

I was very excited when the gallery approached me to stock my Lobster Clutch Bags in the shop to accompany the exhibition; the lobsterbeing a favourite symbol of Salvador Dali. I was even more excited when I saw the stunning displays in the shop. Fabulous!
The Lobster Clutch bags are available in metallic gold leather or black suede with contrasting buckles and they look splendid in amongst the Dali and Duchamp merchandise at the RA shop. If you are fishing for Christmas presents then I suggest going along to see the stunning exhibition and then hooking one of these afterwards!

RA Shop
Dali Duchamp Exhibition

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